Treasures at APC

Our church is full of treasures! The poem in this picture is from a book in our library titled “Hymns for Infant Minds and Original Hymns for Sunday School” by Ann and Jane Taylor. This book was published in 1881 and is still in good condition!

Though this book and many others, as well as many other things, are treasures to each of us at APC, there is one treasure that stands out greatly not only to us, but to our Savior, as well – and that is our children <3. They bring such goodness and countless blessings to our church!

We have many things to enrich the lives of children here:

✝️ Jr. and Sr. Youth Groups
✝️ Children’s Music Group
✝️ Sunday School
✝️ Vacation Bible School
✝️ Roles and Participation in Weekly Services
✝️ Choir
✝️ Opportunities to Help Serve Meals
✝️ And Other Events and Things Throughout the Year (Christmas Party, Communicants Classes, Etc.)

We welcome you and your treasured children to Adamsville Presbyterian Church and hope to see you soon!

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