Join Us for Our Quilters Club!

Did you know that quilting is not only a beautiful hobby, but can be a healing one, as well? Here’s a quote from a *great article on English Paper Piecing (EPP):

“We all need to bring balance to our screen-heavy lifestyles. Meditative hobbies such as English paper piecing require you to unplug and slow down. EPP can’t be rushed. As you settle into your project, your whole body will be nurtured by the simple, repetitive process. Enjoy it in silence, in nature or among friends. In every instance, once you find your rhythm, EPP will often take on a lovely, healing quality.”

We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us as we enjoy the wonderful, amazing art of quilting!

*Here’s the link to the article, which is also a great introduction to English Paper Piecing

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