Our Latest Sermon

Our latest sermon can enjoyed on our YouTube channel at this link https://youtu.be/vz1jWign80s.

Some of the words from our *Prayer of Confession from this Service are shared in this picture. Our beloved Reverend Harry Johns III spoke to us about **Romans 5:1-5, which includes very uplifting words about finding strength and encouragement in times of tribulations. We hope that you enjoy this week’s sermon and that it blesses your life abundantly!

*Our Prayer of Confession is a part of our Weekly Service. A reader reads a line and then the congregation reads one with the leader; the lines are found in our weekly bulletin that is given out at the beginning of the Weekly Service. Together, we come before God with this prayer to seek forgiveness and His Will for us as a congregation, and to ask our Almighty Father for help where we need it most. It is a beautiful, beautiful, life and church enriching part of our Service.

**Romans 5:1-5 can be read here https://bit.ly/3deGedC.

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