APC News for June 2020

We have several things to cover in this newsletter, so we’ll jump right in!

All if God Wills…

Re-Opening – Due to the age and health issues of many of our members, we have decided to re-open in August 2020 if our county is still in the clear to do so, and if it is the prudent thing to do for the health of us all. We will announce the opening here on our website and our Facebook page, as well as during our Online Weekly Services as time draws nearer.

Online Blessings (Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube) – Switching from in-person to online Services has brought blessings to us! Friends who were not able to join us in-person now join us online each week through Zoom!

Since we won’t be holding Zoom Services when we are back in our Church building, we will continue to bring our long distance friends Weekly Services by going live on Facebook each Sunday morning. We also hope to record these Services and put them on our YouTube channel.

Vacation Bible School – We are very sorry, but do to COVID-19, we have decided to cancel our Vacation Bible School (Rocky Railway: Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through) for this year. We are saving our materials and hope to have it in the summer of 2021.

Our Annual Fundraiser Auction – Each May we have what is often called our most fun event of the year – our fundraiser auction! This year, of course, we were unable to have it. We are definitely planning on having it this autumn, so watch our Facebook page and this website for an announcement about it in the coming weeks.

Our Summer and Autumn Concerts – Each summer and autumn we have a singing group or singer hold a free concert. It is followed by our serving cookies, lemonade, and coffee while enjoying fellowship together in our Fellowship Hall. These concerts are pleasant and most always fill our pews with community members who come to enjoy quality gospel music and fellowship afterwards.

This year’s summer concert was to be in June, but was canceled due to COVID. It was to feature Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hunter from Linesville, Pennsylvania. They also happen to be our Church’s in-house musicians; Wayne plays the organ while his wife Nikki leads our singing and occasionally plays the piano or guitar during our Sunday Services.

Wayne grew-up near Atlantic, PA and played several instruments as a child. He was voted Most Talented for his musicianship in his 1989 Conneaut Lake High School class. After graduation, he served for twenty-years as a professional musician in the United States Army Band. He is retired from the Army now, but continues sharing his musical gift and talent at APC.

Nikki grew-up singing and playing music in Kentucky and even a bit in Nashville, Tennessee! Before moving to Pennsylvania in 2017, she had more recently been a vocalist in the Fairbanks Community Band and solo performer in Interior Alaska. She now leads singing, and sometimes performs solos, at APC. She is also a member of the APC choir. She enjoys learning a great deal about Church music from our APC choir director Mrs. Wilma Ferguson, and from her husband Wayne about being a better sight reader and musician.

We are not sure who will perform our concert this autumn, but we do hope to have it. During the first few weeks of re-opening, we will be better able to plan for it. We will share information online, at Church, and through posters in the Adamsville area when our concert plans are concrete.

Thank You – Thank you to all of you who have been with us, and who are joining us, in this unprecedented time of COVID. We have learned so much, and have had so many unexpected blessings, through this all. We look very forward to seeing you in August!

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