Three Ways to Be Prepared

This past Sunday our beloved Reverend Johns’ sermon was titled “To Be Prepared”. It was, as always, wonderful and so applicable to today’s Christians.

In this sermon, Rev. Johns also shared some very wise, uplifting, encouraging words concerning the past week’s elections, words that those who may be upset by the results may find extra comforting, and those who the results made happy may find encouraging.

In the picture are the three ways that Reverend Johns said that we should all be prepared, for there is a moment in which each and every one of us we will be called to Heaven. What a great day that will be if we have lived a prepared life! These ways of preparedness also prepare us to face whatever comes our way with great strength, peace, and Spirit as we live on this earth.

Here is the link this sermon for anyone who would like to watch it . We hope that you will consider doing so and joining us as we work towards being as best prepared as we can be.

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