A Cartoon of Parables for Your Children

This week’s sermon from Reverend Harry Johns III was titled “The Parable of the Pounds”. We hope that all of you who attended our in-person or online Service were Spiritually fed, enlightened, encouraged, and inspired by it!

There is a very nice cartoon series on Amazon Prime, which is free for AP members to watch, titled “The Animated New Testament”. Among many other stories of our Blessed Savior this series shares is the one based upon the parable from the sermon. To learn more about it, or to watch it, just click this link https://amzn.to/2UeVgcx.

Watching this episode with your children this week is a great way to keep the message of the sermon alive and growing in your family’s life! Another good idea to keep your family’s faith growing is to set aside time each week to watch an episode from this series, and then have a fun little discussion about it.

We hope that you have a fantastic week full of Living the Love of Christ and putting the talents that our Amazing, Awesome God has given you to work in this world!

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