Daily Reading: December 17, 2020

Did you know that by taking just a few seconds to read these daily Scriptures, you could easily be investing in your future strength, peace, and path?

There are times in life in which each of us finds ourselves in trouble – and possibly sometimes even very serious trouble. It is in those times that we often find ourselves recalling pieces of Scripture that are so helpful and meaningful to us (we may not even remember where we read or heard it); that Scripture gives us such great blessings of comfort, strength, and hope for getting through such troubling times.

These blessings are absolutely priceless in worth. They are a reminder that God our Father genuinely cares, is there, and like the most amazing Father He is, will help us through with nothing but the greatest of Love.

The picture in this post contains Scripture from today’s Daily Reading from Presbyterian USA. For all of today’s readings, Psalms, and prayers, click this link https://www.presbyterianmission.org/devotion/daily/.

For an article from our website explaining more about the Daily Readings, click this link https://bit.ly/2HzXa4K.

It is our whole-hearted hope that you will join us as we read and grow in God’s Word and prayer – and in investing in His blessing of the great treasure of Scripture – this day!

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