Benefits of Attending Church for Those Age 50+

A September 2019 article from *AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) titled “How Church May Boost Mental Health” contains some wonderful information about health benefits that are linked to church attendance for people age over 50 and over! Here’s the link to it

If you are 50+, or know/love someone who is, please take just a moment of your time to read the article; there is so much good information in it to share, information that can lead to such quality of life benefits!

Sharing good news and information such as that found in this article, followed by inviting those with whom it is shared to Church, is an outstanding way to do as our Reverend Harry Johns III encouraged us to do in his latest sermon – it is inviting others to join in the fulness of love, light, and amazing wonder that is the Christian life.

We wish you a wonderfully blessed Monday!

*Note: Our Church is not officially associated with AARP and makes no financial, material, or other gain from linking to their website.

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