How Firm of a Foundation are You Providing for Your Child’s or Grandchild’s Spiritual Health?

There’s a hymn from 1928 titled How Firm a Foundation about how no matter what trials, distress, anxiety, disasters, and other such things we face in life, God our Father is there to get us through it. Our faith in Christ and protection and provision from God the Father, gives us each a rock solid foundation to build our lives upon. As parents, we are wonderfully created in His image to provide such a foundation for our children, as well!

As loving and devoted parents, grandparents, and caregivers, we know that providing for, and nurturing, our children’s physical, emotional, and mental health is absolutely integral to raising thriving children who grow into thriving adults, but did you know that the latest scientific research shows that there’s another realm of health to be added to this list? It is Spiritual health, and it is every bit as integral as the other realms of health mentioned in helping our children develop a firm, thriving foundation that they can stand upon now and build upon for their entire lives.

“Spirituality is the most important protective factor against suffering, the most essential factor for thriving relationships, and long-term meaning in children. In fact, the deep spiritual core is essential to a thriving, flourishing child.”

Dr. Lisa Miller, Clinical Scientist and Psychologist

How can a loving parent, grandparent, or caregiver give their child a firm Spiritual foundation? By investing in their Spiritual health while they are being raised. This investment is in not only their present and future thrivability, but the thrivability of fellow humankind, as well! We at Adamsville Presbyterian Church are honored to be here to help you in achieving this grand investment!

We wholeheartedly invite you to look into, and participate in, our many offerings and activities available here at Adamsville Presbyterian Church that can be of great assistance to you in creating thriving Spiritual health for your child(ren) or grandchild(ren). We have:

Youth Groups for Children from Pre-K to Adult

Annual Vacation Bible School for Children from Pre-K Age to Fourteen Years Old and VBS Volunteer Opportunities for Ages Fourteen to Adult

Communicants (Confirmation) Classes for Children Ages Eleven and Up

A Children’s Music Group

Opportunities to Participate in Weekly and Special Services for Ages Pre-K and Up

These are Some of the Amazing Children Currently at APC, Enjoying the Many Things and Experiences that We Love to Create and Provide for Them!

Here’s a link to the video from which the quote is taken (it is part one of a four part series) We hope that you will take just a moment of your time today to view it. There are also three other brief videos in the series at these links Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four

When a child’s total-health foundation is built upon Christ The Solid Rock, it will hold them up strongly as children and be their strength as adults. This foundation will last their entire lifetime; it is immovable, it will always be there for them to stand on. What a gift of immeasurable worth and importance we can bless our children with in providing this foundation!

We pray that you will join us in providing the firmest, rock-solid foundation for thriving possible for your beloved child. If you have any questions or would like more information from us for doing so, contact us through our Contact Us page at this link

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