Testimony from an APC Momma

A mother, who faithfully attends Adamsville Presbyterian Church with her husband and children, shared this testimony with us today. We are very happy to share it here on our website!

Dear Adamsville Presbyterian Church,

This freezing winter morning (the temperature here was -2F!) I was in the car with my children while waiting for their school bus to arrive to carry them to school. As we do each morning before they leave for school, we prayed The Lord’s Prayer together. After our prayer, I turned on a local Christian radio station and the song Church (Take Me Back) by Cochren and Co. came on. As I listened to the words, I realized their significance in our personal lives; APC is our Church, as rock solid, loving, and special as the one in the song! I said, “Everybody sing along! Even if you don’t know the words, hum along,” and we had a great time! There’s nothing like a great Christian song to start the day! Their bus came before the song ended, so I plan to play it for them in its entirety tonight and speak to them about it’s wonderful meaning.

“Take me back, to the place that feels like home,
To the people I can depend on,
To the Faith that’s in my bones.
Take me back, to a preacher and a verse,
Where they’ve seen me at my worst,
To the Love I had at first,
Oh I want to go to Church!”

Chorus from the Song Church (Take Me Back) by Cochren and Co.
To Listen to this Wonderful Song, Click this Official Video

I am so grateful for Adamsville Presbyterian Church’s role in helping my husband and me raise whole, healthy, thriving children. As written of yesterday in an APC article, developing children’s healthy Spirituality is essential to their overall health and well-being (click the words “APC article” in this sentence to read this article, if you’d like). The many things offered to our children at APC, as well as the many things they (and my husband and I) learn from being active in our Church, are of priceless worth. These things are all so enriching to our lives!

As the parents of several children, it is extra nice to us that everything APC offers children is free of charge: Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Little Youth Group, Big Youth Group, Communicants Class, the annual Christmas Party, everything! This kindness and generosity is such a blessing to us! That APC members tithe to fund such things says volumes about its membership.

Most of all, we are elated and love that our children are growing-up with Reverend Johns in their lives. His love for them and all children is so clearly evident. He takes to heart Jesus’ teaching to sincerely love the little ones and treat them well.

His weekly Children’s Sermon is so special to them, and to us as parents; that he takes the time to explain the day’s Church sermon to them beforehand, in a way that they can understand and draw from, is an amazing gift. Our children are blessed abundantly by learning from, and being loved by, APC’s Reverend Harry Johns III.

When my children are adults, I feel certain that at times in their lives, they’ll look back upon the Church of their childhoods. What a multitude of precious memories and feelings of love and security they will have then, much like those created by the Church that is sang of in the song we heard this morning. What a gift that is, that my husband and I are able to provide for them, thanks to APC being there and being so welcoming and genuinely loving to our family! Our Church is our Spiritual family.

Thank you, from my heart, Adamsville Presbyterian Church, for being there and being exactly what and who you are. You are a rock in this world for families to come to and build upon!

Sincerely and with a heart full of Christian Love and gratitude,

An APC Momma

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