The God of Fresh Starts

During each Weekly Service, those in attendance (whether online or in-person) say a Prayer of Confession together. Our Reader/Leader for that part of the Service leads us in this Prayer and those attending reply. These prayers are wonderfully eye-opening and such a blessing in growing deeper in our relationship with our Marvelous Creator.

Here is a part of a recent week’s Prayer of Confession…

Leader: Restore us to the joy of knowing You
People: And of recognizing Your reign among us,
Leader: Through Jesus Christ, bringer of the Good News that You are a God who forgives
People: And grants us fresh start after fresh start.

That is such a precious thing to recall – that God forgives each of us and grants us fresh start after fresh start! To recognize this and pray about it together is such a blessing! It is such a beautiful thing, for God’s mercy, forgiveness, and love are such beautiful things! God is indeed The God of Fresh Starts!

We hope that you will join us this week for our Weekly Service at 11:00 Sunday morning, either live at our Church in Adamsville or online through Facebook Live. We would love to worship with you!

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