Sunday Evening Update: April 18, 2021

Good evening, dear friends! We had a wonderful Church Service this morning and Session meeting afterwards! Thank you to all of you who attended!

The video of today’s Service will be available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page shortly for those of you who like to participate by watching the videos. It’s also available now on our Facebook page.

We discussed many exciting things at our monthly Session meeting (a meeting with our Reverend, Elders, and Trustees)! One of them was our upcoming Vacation Bible School, the theme of which is Rocky Railway; more information about it will be forthcoming.

We also discussed putting together a historical photo book of the great people who have been a part of APC over the past several decades. The photos are the legacy of our beloved member and professional photographer, Lawrence McGranahan, who passed away several months ago.

We are planning for our annual auction this Autumn and more! Look for an online newsletter soon with more information!

It is an exciting time to be a member or friend of APC – and we always have room for more people here! We hope that you will join us and partake of this fun and become a part of our loving Church family!

Have a wonderful Sunday night!

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