A Child’s Meal Prayer

This sweet, easy-to-memorize prayer has been a blessing to parents and children for decades!

Folding or holding hands, bowing heads, and praying together before a meal, as a family, is a sweet tradition-building, family bonding time that is devoted to praising, honoring, and thanking our Lord. It helps our children/grandchildren actively practice gratitude and strengthens their *healthy spiritual development. It is a positive practice that we, as parents and grandparents, can bless the children we love and care for with.

We hope that you will consider **teaching it to your children or grandchildren if they don’t already have a meal time prayer.

*Note: There is a wonderful New York Times best-selling book titled “The Spiritual Child: The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving” by Lisa Miller, Ph.D. that contains a wealth of information about developing children’s spiritual health and the myriad of benefits that are the result of doing so. Here is the amazon.com link to it if you are interested in learning more about it https://amzn.to/3Cu2SwD.

**Additional Note: One of the easiest ways to teach it is to say a line, then have your children or grandchildren repeat it, then continue in that manner until you’re all finished. Before you know it, they’ll be saying it with you, by memory!

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