Christians, Let Us Lift Each Other Up!

Lifting each other up while we’re all still alive is an extremely important part of living the Christian life! In fact, it is essential to the thriving health and well-being of Christianity in our own personal lives, in our churches, and as a whole body of believers throughout the world!

There are so many ways that we, as Christians, can lift each other up by:

✝️ Speaking or writing encouraging words

✝️ Listening to another with a kind, loving, understanding ear

✝️ Working alongside those who need our help

✝️ Offering to help

✝️ Jumping in to lift where needed, when needed

✝️ Being an excellent example of Christian living

✝️ Being charitable

✝️ Providing moral support

✝️ Being dependable

✝️ Remembering that those in our own households need daily uplifting, too

There are many more ways to lift each other up; those written above are just a few!

If you feel that you don’t have a good support system to give you the lift that your life needs, we wholeheartedly welcome you to come visit us at Adamsville Presbyterian Church any Sunday morning at 11:00! If you can’t make it in-person, you can join us online at that time! We are here for *you*!

If you’d like to read some Bible verses about lifting each other up and encouraging one another, here’s the link to twenty-four of them from Country Living

Have a wonderful, blessed, uplifting day!

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