Our Ministries

Ministry of Worship

The ministry of worship has an impact in the life of everyone who participates, from the regular attendees who never miss a Sunday to those who attend only on Christmas Eve or Easter. Worship is central to who we are as a community of faith. The ritual of our traditional service provides familiarity and with that, a level of comfort to settle in and prepare as we worship our Triune God.

We are renewed disciples of Jesus Christ by:

  • Listening to Scripture and sermons
  • Proclaiming our faith through hymns and creeds
  • Lifting our prayers to God
  • Offering our time, talents, and resources
  • Celebrating the Sacraments

Worship on the Lord’s Day is weekly and special services are held for Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Maundy Thursday. For more information, see our “Weekly and Special Services” page, if you’d like.

Ministry of Christian Education

Weekly adult and children’s Sunday School, and the Velma Hays Women’s Missionary Society’s (our Presbyterian Women’s chapter) monthly Bible Study, provide wonderful opportunities to dig into scripture and explore God’s call for our lives as individuals and our call as the church.

Our Vacation Bible School, which enables us to interact with a great number of children, including those who do not attend our church regularly, as well as those who do. We are pleased with this opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ in fun and interactive ways with these precious children!

Ministry of Pastoral Care

The ministry of pastoral care includes both the work of the pastor and elders, as well as the care-giving work of the church community. The majority of the pastoral care work is volunteer. This includes hospital calls and in-home visitation by the pastor.

This is a church that takes prayer seriously. The prayer chain keeps the concerns of the people at the forefront and serves as a significant communication tool to aid members in reaching out with practical care such as meals, etc. When there is a need, the community is quick to rally in order to provide care and support. Knowing that this church body genuinely cares for people and lifts joys and concerns to God makes a difference in our daily living.

When we are bereaved, the Velma Hays Women’s Missionary Society provides ministry of compassion through hospitality, a tasty meal, and deep care. They provide a major supporting role in making funerals meaningful celebrations of life and resurrection.

Ministry of Fellowship

Next to worship, fellowship is central to who we are as a community of faith. The buzz following the benediction indicates our love for gathering together. We relish the opportunities to hear one another’s stories, to enjoy conversation over a meal, and claim time together. Coffee Hour, held before worship on the first Sunday of each month, pancake breakfasts held each February and March, four specials dinners hosted throughout the year, and the Velma Hays Missionary Society’s Mother/Daughter Banquet, are just some of the ways we gather around the table.

We have a Junior (grades one through six) and a Senior (grades seven through twelve) Youth Group! These groups meet once a month throughout the school year to have fun learning and fellowshipping in their faith!

Ministry of Mission

By contributing to the general mission of the Presbytery of Lake Erie, we are able to support missions on the regional, national, and international levels. In so doing, we support evangelism, Christian education, and ministries of compassion and justice – such as free clinics and food pantries in our region.

In addition, we make an annual commitment to support: our local fire department, Presbyterian Homes, and the Presbyterian Church (USA) Theological Education Fund to equip those God calls to service for generations to come.